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Electrical Problems FAQs

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FAQs for Electrical Problems:
All the motors do not starts. Failure of main supply. Check incomming voltage at terminals RYB.
  Failure of controls voltage. Check controls voltage at the terminals of the transformer secondry.Check for blown up use of transformer Ensure keyswtich/emergency lock off button in relivied position (control line).
Hydraulic motor, work head motor, wheel head motor, internal motor does not starts. Contactor of respective motor not operating. check control circuit of the contactor.
  Failure of supply to motor. check for blown up fuses.
Work head motor does not start with rapid feed.   Ensure auto manual selector at auto position i.e. towards left.
Hydraulic motor starts pressure develops but table does not move. Limit switch not in operation.Failure of limit switch operated by hydraulic manual lever. Operator hyd, manual lever towards right. Replace limit switch.