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Some Useful Points
    It is impossible to do precision work on cylindrical grinder unless the centres are true, __accurate, clean, lubricated. Otherwise the work will be out of round.
    A very common fault is to tighten the flangs more than necessary. Wrinkles or scurfed areas on blotters or gaskets cause uneven pressure and make wheel run out of round.
    In external grinding it is better to use generous quantity of coolant while truing with a diamond dresser as there will be less chance of fracturing the diamond, as such heat is generated while diamond is in contact with the wheel . Do not use coolant while dressing an internal grinding wheel.
    For precision work it is good practice to re-balance the wheel after truing because the hole in the wheel and wheel mount may cause the hole to run out at periphery.
    Generally speaking , the diameter of the internal grinding wheel should not exceed two third of the diameter of hole. It should be remembered that as the size of the wheel increases, the diameter of the hole being constant , the greater the area of contact becomes between wheel and work, thus increasing the heat and probably distortion of the work.
    Do not use the wheel which is too tight on the arbour of the internal grinding spindles or sleeves as it may break when started.
    Internal grinding belts, with their high speed and small diameter pulley, must be frequently checked for oiliness, wear and tightness, as slippage is a serious fault.
    High speed internal grinding spindle's bearing are very sensitive to slight irregularities. Because of their special construction and special races and balls, it is best that repairs be made only by the spindle manufacturers. Lubrication of spindle is of great importance.
    Faulty dressing is one of most frequent causes of faulty grindings, short wheel life and poor finishes.Because of the small size of the wheels used in the internal grinding it is essential that the diamond should be of proper size and maintained with sharp point.
    Common faulty is to adjust tail stock to the work on all jobs and leave the head stock at the end of the way. This causes uneven wear and soon forces refinishes of the ways.
    When started the machine after it has stopped for number of hours it is necessary to traverse the table few time to expel the any air that may have entered the hydraulic system.